You can bring your precious jewellery item to us for cleaning, repair, alteration or restoration.

Our team is knowledgeable and experienced and you have the benefit of discussing the work directly with the expert responsible, rather than dealing with sales staff and 3rd parties.

In most cases, our work is always completed in store. This allows us to retain control over our work, and it gives you assured security for each piece.

You can see many of our services listed below, but get in touch or visit us in the Royal Arcade for expert, impartial advice.

Clean, Polish and Rhodium Plating

All items brought to the workshop for cleaning are given an expert assessment. If the piece has stones, for example, the settings will automatically be checked and tightened where necessary. Deep scratches will be gently buffed out and every item is polished by hand and finished with a thorough steam clean. 

We can also provide rhodium plating at the workshop for restoring the finish on white gold items.

Most cleaning, polishing and rhodium plating work can be completed on our same-day service, when booked in advance. 

Repair and Restoration

We can:

* Size rings up and down

* Replace shanks

* Re-tip / re-claw / re-build and replace settings

* Supply & Set stones

* Repair / rebuild broken and worn links

* Restore worn out finishes

* Supply and fit new clasps, catches, figure of 8, safety chains, worn end caps etc

... and much more!

Some work, such as ring sizing, can be completed on our same-day service. Please contact us for advice and appointments. 

Specialist Services

Although we pride ourselves on doing almost all our own work, we do occasionally need to outsource some specialist services. Where that’s the case, we ensure that work is kept strictly within the UK and as close to home as possible.

The following specialist work is not available in Norwich and so we use a handful of carefully selected, highly skilled tradespeople in London:

Lapidary work for stone cutting and polishing (even diamonds can become scratched and chipped over time).

Seal engraving for signet rings and deeper designs (for both new pieces and to restore older, worn ones).

Hallmarking (for new pieces and to replace worn out marks from older items or ones that have been lost when replacing the shank for example).

These services can take between one and three weeks to complete, depending on the type of work and the availability of technicians. In every case, we’ll contact you before a piece is sent away.