We've collated answers to our most frequently asked questions to help you find the information you're looking for.
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Do you take on jewellery repairs?

- Yes, we do carry out repairs, alterations and restoration work; each item is assessed first and then advised / quoted on accordingly. 

What metals do you work in?

- We work in all colours and carats of gold, along with platinum and palladium. 

Can you make something with my own gemstones?

- Yes we do offer this service. It is on a case by case basis as the stone type, cut and quality will be individually assessed first. 

Can you make something with my own gold?

- Yes, and we can mix different carats of gold (but not different colours). The final piece can still be hallmarked at the assay office, as normal. 

How much does it cost?

- Our bespoke work varies depending on the piece but prices start at around £700 or so upwards. 

How long does it take?

- From the time you have agreed to proceed with your chosen design and quote, you will need to allow about 8 weeks for your piece to be completed. 

I’ve seen something I like elsewhere; can you make a cheaper replica?

- We will not directly copy another designers work and in most cases, hand-made and bespoke work is a more costly option that buying a pre-made item due to the labour involved. 

When do I pay?

- Once you have agreed on your design and quote we ask for a 50% deposit to confirm you wish to proceed with your order and allow us to start manufacture. The remainder of the cost is payable on collection of your finished piece.

 Can I pay in instalments for my order?

- We are happy to take instalments and will begin manufacture once 50% of your cost has been covered. We do not currently offer a credit / finance service. 

Who designs my piece?

- One of our designers, either Susan or Mallory, depending on whom your initial appointment is with. Craig, our goldsmith, works with both our designers on all pieces to ensure they are technically perfect, as well as visually just what you want. 

Is it completely original?

- All our bespoke work is made and designed from new, not using a pre-cast or fabricated parts. This means that even if you have requested your design to be in a similar style to another piece you’re inspired by, it will never be exactly the same.  

Can you repair my watch?

- We do not work with watches. 

Is handmade cheaper? 

- Almost always no! Whether you are looking to have a bespoke, hand-made suit, shoes or jewellery; the labour and costs involved for creating an individual item is almost always more than you will pay for a pre-made and certainly mass-made product. 

Do you use ethical materials? 

Will it be hallmarked?

 - Yes, all our work is sent to the London assay office where it is tested and marked accordingly; even if we have made something using a mix of your own jewellery of different carats of gold. 

Can I mix types of gold? 

- Yes, as long as it’s all the same colour, so all white gold or yellow gold pieces, we can melt and re-use the metal for a new design. 

What if I don’t like it?

- We will do everything we can to work with you and tweak or amend the piece to get it right. However, not it’s a case of reworking the design or remaking it, there will likely be costs involved. 
Thankfully, this isn’t something we ever really deal with as we have such a close working relationship between our designs and goldsmith and clients; we produce numerous CAD (computer aided design) 3D photo-realistic images of the proposed piece, and can even order in plastic models if need be, which all means there is generally no surprises at the end, just a beautiful piece that you will love! 

Can I get a refund / exchange on bespoke? 

- No; a bespoke piece is made specifically for you, with your tastes and requirements. We can only offer exchanges on pre-made shop items purchased off the shelf. 

Do you work with ashes?

- Yes, if they are already set into resin or perhaps made into a diamond, for example. We do not work with loose ashes. 

Do you engrave items? 

- We offer this service for bespoke pieces but as engraving is a specialist skill, this is outsourced to an expert. 

Can you cut stones?

- Lapidary (stone cutting) work is a specialist trade and so this service is outsourced to experts  at our one of our stone suppliers in London. 

Will you value my jewellery?

- Valuations are a specialist service that we do not currently offer. Depending on the type of valuation you need, we can recommend places to go to. 
For bespoke work that we have made to include your own metal / stones / both, we can provide you with a quote for insurance to state what the item would cost to re-make from entirely new materials, in the event it is lost or stolen.