About Us

Sonkai is a small, independent family business established in 2006 by partners Craig Snape and Sara Sweet. It has been a busy ten years – one store relocation and two children later, three wonderful team members and a whole load of supportive customers make Sonkai what it is today.

We are a small but specialist team. Our designers work alongside our jewellers in our open plan studio workshop within the store. This makes us very different to most jewellers because at Sonkai you will only ever meet a skilled professional rather than going through sales staff.

We welcome browsers, people wanting impartial advice or visitors stopping by to watch our team in action as they create, repair and restore beautiful pieces... Or you may simply want to discuss the cricket, golf or rugby – especially if South Africa are winning!.

When working with us on your bespoke design, you soon become enveloped in the heart of our business and workshop.  This special set-up supports our aim to have clear, direct communications and a mutual trust and respect between us and each customer. We strive to be open, honest and approachable - there are no secrets to how we work, just a little magic!

We understand it is not easy to find the perfect piece of jewellery that exactly meet your needs - but we believe whatever your requirements, we have a design service that’s right for you. When you leave with your unique and perfect piece of jewellery, we want you to associate it, not only with what it symbolises for you, but also good memories of how it was created and a desire to return to Sonkai again and again.

Come and visit us in our studio, workshop and shop at 14-16 Dove Street – we’d love to meet you and give you advice or just have a friendly chat. Alternatively, call us on 01603 625533 or email us at mail@sonkai.co.uk

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