Same-Day In-Store Cleaning and Rhodium Plating

Sara Sweet

At Sonkai we can clean, polish and Rhodium plate your jewellery within the hour with our on-site expert service.

How long has it been since you last had your rings checked and cleaned professionally? 

Rings take more wear and tear on a daily basis than almost any other piece of jewellery you own. Over time settings can loosen and claws can lift and wear away. 

Before we start to clean anything, we ensure all the settings have been carefully checked and tightened; if any additional work such as re-tipping is urgently required you will be notified of this (and quoted a price) before we proceed. 

After that, we will buff and smooth any dents and deeper scratches before taking your ring upstairs to be hand polished our very-noisy-but-very-excellent polishing machine; it may then get a 'bath' in the ultrasonic (gemstone dependent) or possibly be Rhodium plated (if white gold); but the final finishing act is our industrial steam cleaner - think of an old fashioned kettle boiling away but about 1000 times louder and more powerful. This beautiful beast (and I do still mean the steamer, not the jeweller!) brings out the sparkle and shine so well, that by the time you get your ring back you'll think we've swapped it for a new one! 

For stone set rings that are worn daily or very frequently, most insurers will ask that you have the item professional checked over once a year to ensure the settings remain secure. So if it's been a few years since you've had yours checked, come along to Sonkai and leave them with us. You can have a coffee / lunch or quick shop whilst we do the work and return later to collect. Nothing is posted away or held up for weeks and you can even watch our jeweller at work if you wish!

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