The Foster Bangle

The Foster Bangle has a fantastic array of colours that we incorporated to match the customer's existing ring. By including a lovely secure fastening system, we've created a stunning showstopper piece that can be worn and enjoyed as it should be.


Design highlight

Scattering both different sizes and colours across the bangle gives it a great deal of movement and variety, and creates an organic bubble effect similar to the Babbling Brook rings of our Pebble style.



Mallory's thoughts

I love designing anything that requires moving parts and hidden details, so I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of creating a clasp that was both secure and subtle. It was a joy working with the customer to create something so bright and bursting with colour!


Technical highlight

The clasp locking system is something we don't get to use often, but we love how secure and neat it is. The bobbled button hides a threaded post that locks the bangle closed with a few turns. 



18ct yellow gold set with 48 gemstones (16x G/SI1 diamonds 0.535ct total, 20x pink tourmalines, and 12x red sapphires)